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15 Useful Italian Phrases For Beginners

15 Useful Italian Phrases For Beginners

15 Useful Italian Phrases For Beginners 

Ciao! Have just started learning Italian?

Awesome! Italian is a great language and you will have lots of fun studying it!

Here are some very useful Italian phrases that you can learn if you are a beginner.

Italian Phrases For Greetings

So, every conversation starts with a greeting, right? And since it's very important to make a good first impression a good start is to learn some phrases for greetings:

1. Buongiorno, mi chiamo Melissa. - Hello/Good morning my name is Melissa. 

2. Ciao, sono l'amica di Francesco, piacere! - Hi, I am Francesco's friend, nice ti meet you! 

NB: 'piacere' is used for saying 'nice to meet you', you can also say 'piacere di conoscerti' -  'nice to meet you'. 

3. Non parlo molto bene l'italiano. - I don't speak very well Italian. 

4. Parla l'inglese? - Do you speak English?

Italian Phrases For Asking Information

1. Mi scusi, dove si trova la fermata dell'autobus? - Excuse me, where is the bus the stop?

2. Sto cercando una farmacia, mi può dire dove si trova? - I am looking for a pharmacy, can you tell me where there is one? 

3. Mi sa dire dov'è la stazione centrale? - Can you tell me where is central train station?

Italian Phrases For Booking A Hotel Room

Normally, receptionists in Italy will speak a little bit of English, especially if you are staying in a hotel but if you are planning on staying at a local bed and breakfast the chances are pretty high that the owners will speak Italian only.  

1. Vorrei prenotare una stanza doppia per cinque notti. - I would like to book a double room for five nights. 

2. Quanto costano le stanze matrimoniali a notte? - How much are the double rooms per night?

3. La colazione è inclusa nel prezzo della camera? - Is breakfast included in price of the room?

4. C'è anche il parcheggio per la macchina? - Is there also a parking for the car?

Italian Phrases For Ordering At The Restaurant

We all love pasta & pizzadon't we? So wouldn't it be great to be able to order some in Italian?

1. Scusa, possiamo ordinare? - Sorry, can we order?

2. Vorrei ordinare una bottiglia di vino bianco, quale mi consiglia? - I would like to order a bottle of white wine, which one would you recommend?

3. Ci può portare del pane, per favore? - Would you bring us some bread, please?

4. Possiamo pagare con la carta di credito? - Can we pay with a credit card?

I hope you will find these phrases useful, if you are planning on visiting Rome you should definitely learn these 10 roman expressions! If you need more help with your studies get 5 hours per personlized online Italian lessons at 50% discount!

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