Plans & Prices

"Una Lezione"

1 lesson of 60 min

49 euro

Suitable for you if :

  • you want to give Italian a try;
  • you just want to refresh your Italian with a couple of lessons, before going to Italy or before meeting your Italian friend.


10 lessons of 60 min

479 euro

Suitable for you if :

  • you have already studied some Italian and you just want to do a "refreshing course";
  • you want to improve your level, but you don't need a lot of lessons because you are already great!


20 lessons of 60 min

899 euro


Suitable for you if :

  • you are ready to turn your passion into skills and finally learn how to survive in Italy!



30 lessons of 60 min

1.249 euro


Suitable for you if :

  • you are "all in" and you are ready to explore the beauties & treasures of Italy and the Italian language!

*All lessons are Designed especially for youprivate and online.

How to make learning Italian a success:

  • Start with answering the question "Why am I studying Italian?". This is very important not only for you, but for me as well. As your coach, I need to know why are we doing this... and WHY is going to be your motivator when things get though!
  • Be realistic...Trust me and set realistic goals for yourself.
  • Make enough time for studying and have patience, remember that Rome wasn't built in a day.
  • Start studying Italian only because you want to, not because somebody else is doing it, your friend told you to do so or because it sounds fancy.The best motivation is intrinsic – I can’t help you learn if you don’t want it!

What's next?

Book your first lesson with me for FREE. It's a 30 minute meeting with no obligations. During our lesson you can tell me more about yourself, we’ll talk about your learning style, your goals and your interests. I will answer all of your questions and I give you more details about my lessons. This first lesson is a key factor to the successful design of your online Italian classes. I will use all of the information, that you will give me, to create for you a perfect study plan that will suit you best!