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5 Must-Know Italian Irregular Verbs For Beginners + Examples

5 Must-Know Italian Irregular Verbs For Beginners + Examples

5 Must-Know Italian Irregular Verbs For Beginners + Examples

Are you struggling with the Italian grammar?

Well, who doesn't?!

I know, it's not the easiest one and it can be really confusing sometimes especially when it comes to the irregular verbs...

Here are the 5 most important and useful Italian irregular verbs that every beginner should know:

Avere - to have

io ho

tu hai

lui /lei/Lei ha

noi abbiamo

voi avete

loro hanno


1. Io ho un lavoro molto interessante. - I have a very interesting job.

2. Loro hanno una casa molto grande. They have a very big house. 

Essere - to be

io sono

tu sei

lui /lei/Lei è

noi siamo

voi siete

loro sono


1. Voi due siete davvero innamorati! - You two are really in love!

2. Anna e Lucia sono due brave ragazze! - Anna and Lucia are two good girls!


io vado

tu vai

lui /lei/Lei va

noi andiamo

voi andate

loro vanno


1. Ogni giorno lei va a casa di sua nonna. - Every day she goes to her grandmother's house.

2. Quando andiamo al cinema? - When are we going to the movies?


io vengo

tu vieni

lui /lei/Lei viene

noi veniamo

voi venite

loro vengono


1. A che ora vieni a cena? - What time are you coming to dinner?

2. Domani veniamo a vedere la vostra casa nuova. - Tomorrow we are coming to see your new house. 


io faccio

tu fai

lui /lei/Lei fa

noi facciamo

voi fate

loro fanno


1. Faccio la doccia ogni mattina, prima di andare al lavoro. - I take a shower every morning, before I go to work. 

2. Facciamo la colazione ogni giorno alle 08.00. - We have breakfast everyday at 08.00. 

Tips For Learning The Italian Irregular Verbs

Ok, so you have probably noticed by now that the Italian irregular verbs can be very confusing and difficult to learn. It's definitely not an easy job to learn them but it isn't also impossible. Here some very useful tips for learning the Italian verbs:

1. Group the irregular verbs together...This action will help you memorise more verbs in less time! for example the verb mettere is irregular in the past simple tense (passato prossimo), the past participle is messo. What you can do is put in the same group all the verbs that have the same root mettere, permettere, ammettere, smettere and etc. 

2. Start with the most common irregular verbs first. Why? Because those are the ones you will see the most and therefore it will be easier for you to remember them!

3. Create flashcards! Yes, flashcards are very useful when it comes to learning new vocabulary and grammar. Every time that you learn a new irregular verb you can add it to your flashcards set.  

4. Set a goal...Yes, it's very important to set a goal because it will keep you focused and motivated! Just pick a number of verbs that you want to learn every day, week or month and try to stick to it!

Need any help with learning Italian? Check out the Step-By-Step Guide for Teaching Yourself Italian or check out my Online Italian Lessons

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