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Basic Italian Phrases And Words For The Airport

Basic Italian Phrases And Words For The Airport

Basic Italian Phrases And Words For The Airport

Ready for your next flight to Italy?

Flying can be a bit stressful activity, especially if you find yourself in a foreign country. Imagine arriving at the airport of Italy and your luggage gets lost! It would be definitely easier for you to handle the situation if you know a little bit of Italian, right?  

If you want to be prepared, avoid misunderstandings and relax while travelling to Italy, learn some basic Italian phrases and vocabulary that you can use at the airpot:

Useful Vocabulary For The Airport

Whether you have just started  learning Italian or you have been doing it for a while now, you should always remember that useful vocabulary is the key for improving your level. Flashcards, vocabulary lists, cheat sheets are all good when studying new vocabulary. Here is the most important Italian words, you will need at the airport:

aeroporto - airport

volo - flight

aeroplano - airplane

linea aerea / compagnia aerea  - airline

biglietto - ticket

ritardo - delay

bagaglio - luggage

valigia - suitcase 

bagaglio a mano - carry-on bag 

imbarco - boarding

uscita d'imbarco - gate

carta d'identità - ID card

passaporto - passport

controllo passaporto - passport control

carta d'imbarco - boarding card

dogana - customs

arrivi - arrivals

partenze - departures

assistente di volo - flight attendant

pilota - pilot

numero di volo - flight number 

Verbs to Use at The Airport

We can't have a lesson without a little bit of Italian grammar, can't we?!

Now we will take a look at three very important Italian verbs: arrivare (to arrive), partire (to leave, to depart), viaggiare (to travel) and their conjugation:

arrivare - to arrive

io - arrivo
tu - arrivi
lui, lei, Lei - arriva
noi - arriviamo
voi - arrivate
loro - arrivano

partire - to depart/leave
io - parto
tu - parti
lui, lei, Lei - parte
noi - partiamo
voi - partite
loro - partono

viaggiare - to travel
io - viaggio
tu - viaggi
lui, lei, Lei - viaggia
noi - viaggiamo
voi - viaggiate
loro - viaggiono

Italian Phrases for the Airport

Do you want to make the most of your next trip to Italy? Great, make sure you learn some travel Italian expressions and vocabulary before heading up to one of the most beautiful countries in world! You can start with the ones you are going to need at the airport:

General phrases you can use at the airport:

A che ora parte l'aereo? - What time does the plane take off?

A che ora arriviamo? - What time do we arrive?

Quanto dura il volo? - How long is the flight?

Dove si possono ritirare i bagagli? - Where can I get my luggage?

C'è un ritardo? - Is there a delay?

Dove sono gli imbrachi? - Where are the gates?

Things they can ask you when you check-in:

Posso vedere il Suo biglietto per favore? - Can I see your ticket please?

Viaggia da solo? - Are you travelling alone?

-Ha un bagaglio a mano? - Do you have a carry-on bag?
- Sì, ho solo il bagaglio a mano. - Yes, I have only a carry-on bag.

-Vuole il posto vicino al finestrino o al corridoio? - Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
- Preferisco il posto che è vicino al finestrino. - I prefer a set that is close to the window. 

Things they can ask when you are passing through security:

Ha dei liquidi nella valigia? - Do you have any liquids in your bag?

Può togliersi le scarpe per favore? - Can you please take off your shoes? 

Mi scusi, ma deve svuotare le tasche... - Excuse me, you have to empty your pockets...

Può togliere il suo computer portatile dalla valigia? - Could you take out your laptop from the bag?

Può aprire la sua valigia, per favore? - Could you please open your suitcase?

Buon viaggio!

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