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The Best Free Websites To Learn Italian

The Best Free Websites To Learn Italian

The Best Free Websites To Learn Italian

For how long have you been studying Italian?

I am sure if you've tried a lot of things: language exchange, group courses, textbooks, worksheets, private Italian lessons and etc. 

But have you tried learning Italian online for free?

Oh yes, nowadays you can do that! How? With the magic power of the Internet...

There are plenty of tools and websites out there, you have no idea!

Let's look at the best ones...

Resources for Learning Italian for Free


Duolingo is maybe one of the most popular learning tools. It's a very powerful app with a very interactive approach and it's very easy to use it. There are no lessons, only quizzes and exercises in Italian. You can also join their discussions where you can connect and talk with other learners. It's a completely free of charge app. 


ItalianPod 101 is another free of charge website, where you can learn Italian. It has a wide range of audio and video lessons. You can find all the videos on their Youtube page, where you can also join the Italian community.


MyLanguage is a new project that aims to help Italian learners, providing free weekly Italian lessons and lots of other useful material: tips for learning Italian, useful articles for people travelling to Italy, self-study material that includes vocabulary lists, online Italian courses and etc. 

Online Italian Club

Online Italian Club is another free tool for people looking for Italian lessons. They offer both free lessons via email, something like 2-3 lessons per week, you just have to become a member of their club (free of charge). One of their best resource, in my opinion, is the verb index. There you will find more than 600 verbs with their conjugation. They also offer a wide range of grammar & audio lessons, plus over 60 dialogues in Italian with transcripts, recorder by native speakers. 


Memrise is a very cool app with a very innovative approach: it teaches you Italian in a really fun and interactive way. Its main focus is vocabulary and it uses lots of flashcards and games in its lessons. 

You can use its free version but if you want to give your Italian vocabulary a boost you can sign up for its paid version for just about 60$ per year.  

One World Italiano

My last suggestion is One World Italiano, a great website that offers almost everything you'll need when studying Italian. It has 2 free Italian courses, one for a beginners level and one for intermediate level. It also has a free video course and a lot of video exercises. You will find, grammar lessons, conjugation for regular and irregular verbs, dictations, readings & listenings, dialogues, vocabulary lessons and proverbs & idioms in Italian. 

Have you already tried studying Italian for free but you are not really happy with the results? No problem, I am here for you! Maybe it's time for you to switch to a bit more structured plan...You could try learning Italian with a prive online lessons or you could pre-register for the The Complete Italian Course For Beginners, hurry up cause the pre-registration is closing very soon!

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