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How To Book A Hotel In Italian

How To Book A Hotel In Italian

How To Book A Hotel In Italian

Thinking about your next holiday in Italy?

Whether you are busy planning a road trip or a luxury vacation, I am sure finding accommodation in Italy is in your to-do list...Here is a suggestion for you: what if you could book your hotel room in Italian?

Don't panic, it's not that complicated!

All you have to do is learn some useful phrases and vocabulary and you will be good to go!

Vocabulary: Booking a Hotel Room in Italian

A good start point is some practical vocabulary, so here is a vocabulary list with the most useful words in Italian for dealing with hotel reservations:

albergo - hotel

stanza/camera - room

prenotare - to book

vista - view

stanza/camera singola - single room

stanza/camera matrimoniale -  double room

bagno privato  - private bathroom

colazione - breakfast 

parcheggio - parking

piscina - pool

prezzo - price

notte - night

ristorante - restaurant 

If you stil haven't learn some Italian restaurant vocabulary and phrases, do it! You will definitely need it, once you are in Italy. 

Italian Verbs for Booking a Hotel

Italian grammar is also important, that is why I've chosen some regular Italian verbs, which you can use:

prenotare - to book

io prenoto
tu prenoti
lui, lei, Lei prenota
noi prenotiamo
voi prenotate
loro prenotano

arrivare - to arrive

io arrivo
tu arrivi
lui, lei, Lei arriva
noi arriviamo
voi arrivate
loro arrivano

cambiare - to change

io cambio
tu cambi
lui, lei, Lei cambia
noi cambiamo
voi cambiate
loro cambiano

Useful Italian Phrases for Booking a Hotel

When travelling in Italy, travel phrases and expressions can be very helpful. Some very useful phrases for booking a hotel room and dealing with reservations in Italian:

Vorrei prenotare una stanza singola. - I would like to book a single room.

Ha una camera matrimoniale libera? - Do you have an available double room?

Per quanto tempo vuole prenotare la stanza? - For how long would you like to book the room?

Per quante persone? - For how many people?

Quanto costa una camera matrimoniale per tre notti? - How much does a single room for three nights cost?

Dove si può parcheggiare la macchina? - Where can you park the car?

La colazione è inclusa nel prezzo? - Is the breakfast included in the price?

A che ora si può fare il check-in? - What time can we do the check-in?

Vorrei cancellare la mia prenotazione. - I would like to cancel my booking.

La mia stanza non ha una vista, posso cambiarla? - My room doesn't have a view, can I change it?

Non c'è il sapone nella stanza, me lo può portare gentilmente? - There is no soap in my room, could you kindly bring me some? 

L'internet non funziona, può controllare? - The Internet isn't working, can you check?

Possiamo fare prima il check-in?- Can we do an earlier check-in?

A che ora dobbiamo lasciare la stanza? - What time do we have to leave the room?

Dove è servita la colazione? - Where is breakfast served?

Ci può cambiare gli asciugamani per favore? - Could you please change our towels?

Vorrei cambiare la mia prenotazione, come posso fare? - I would like to change my booking, how can I do it?

La mia prenotazione è confermata? - Is my booking confirmed?

I hope you find this lesson useful!

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