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How to learn Italian online? A step-by-step guide to teaching yourself Italian

How to learn Italian online? A step-by-step guide to teaching yourself Italian

You have always wanted to learn Italian, haven't you?

But you never actually started, right?

Because you didn't know where to start...

Don't worry, the beginning is always hard but I am here to help you!

In this step-by-step guide I will give you the right tips.

So make yourself a nice cup of tea and start reading!

1. Start with Italian Grammar 

I know what you are thinking: "I hate grammar, it's boring and hell no, I am not going to study it!". Well my friend, I have to tell you something - if you want to learn proper Italian, you have to study some Italian grammar.

The Italian grammar is quite complicated and it has a lot of exceptions, so you can't really ignore it. Here is what you should do:

- choose a grammar topic like the present tense (il presente) or the definite articles (articoli determinativi) and etc.

- look it up and read carefully the rules and the examples and try to understand them.

- do some grammar exercises - it will help you understand the topic and only by doing practice you will be able to learn it! Duolingo is a great app to do some quick practice while waiting for the train or during your lunch break. 

2. Learn Italian Vocabulary

It's time to build up your vocabulary! You want to be able to have a conversation with your Italian friend next time you see him/her, right?

What you should do is set a goal. Decide how many new words you want to learn every day and divide them in topics. For example, if you want to learn 100 Italian words every week, you should be learning 15 new words a day. Definitely not impossible!

Choose a topic for every week and look up the new words, here are some examples:

- numbers & dates

- food & drinks

- hotels & reservations

- restaurant vocabulary

Well, I am sure you get the idea! With the new words you can create flash cards, Quizlet is a great free tool you can use. You can either create your own study sets or you can also use the ones created by others. 

3. Listen to Italian Music

Andrea Bocelli, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti, you know them all, don't you? And I bet you have already listen to some of their songs. Italian music is really great and the lyrics are just amazing. So if you want to improve your listening and your vocabulary, I strongly suggest you start listening to some Italian songs. Make a Spotify playlist and listen to it while driving or check on Youtube, they have lots of cool playlists and sometimes they even have the lyrics. 

*Tip: make notes of the new words while you listen and look their meaning up. 

4. Watch Italian Tv

Watching Tv is a great activity that you con do on your own if you want to improve your level. There are lots of nice and fun Italian movies and Tv series out there just pick one that it's appropriate to your level, get some popcorn and start watching!

I am serious about the level, though! If you are a beginner don't pick up a very complicated movie because it will be very difficult for you to understand it. Pick something with a simple storyline and it might be a good idea to add Italian subtitles. You can find Italian movies and series on the official website of Rai - Raiplay.it. It's free and the only thing you have to do is to create an account. 

5. Read in Italian: Blog Posts, News or Books

We all love reading (at least I'd like to think so), so what better way for improving you Italian if not including some reading to your study plan. There are lots of options out there but again, the level is very important. You can read blogs in Italian, the latest news, online magazines or books. First, find something that interests you and find the right resource. For example, if you like cooking and food you can find a food blog in Italian - a good one is GialloZafferano. If you like to stay informed, check some news in Italian - La Repubblica is one of the best!

6. Practice Italian by Speaking

Let's be honest, you can read all the books in the world, study all the grammar rules and watch all the movies but if you don't do some speaking practice, your level is never going to improve. 

Is it scary? At the beginning yes, it's quite difficult to start expressing yourself in a language you don't know that well but hey, it's not impossible! You just have to be brave and keep trying. 

How to speak in Italian? You have several options:

1. Go to an Italian meetup. What is a meetup? A very informal meeting where people that don't know each other meet to discuss their common interests. For language meetups, almost always native speakers are present, so it's a great opportunity to put some of those new words you learned into to practice! 

2. You can do some language exchange. It's quite cool and fun because you can teach the other person you native language and in exchange he or she will teach his/hers. 

3. Sign up for some Italian lessons online. There are tons of options, you just have to do some research and find the ones that suit you best! 

Ok, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a notebook and a pen and start improving your Italian right now!

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