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How To Rent A Car In Italy

How To Rent A Car In Italy

How To Rent A Car In Italy

Getting ready for your road trip in Italy?

You probably have a lot to plan: hotel bookings, airplane tickets, museum visits but the most important of all is renting a car...At the end you can't really have a road trip without a car, right?

Renting the perfect car in Italy is not an easy a job and you should now a couple of things before starting your driving Italian adventure....

Everything You Need to Know When Renting a Car in Italy

If you want to have a problem-free holiday, please note the following tips for renting a car in Italy:

Always book your car in advance

Book in advance - get a better price! Of course, you can also book a car last minute but it could be pretty expensive. If you book instead, about 3 to 4 months in advance, I can guarantee you that you will get a very good price. The easiest way of doing it is online, just search for rental cars website and find the best deal!

Choose for a good car rental company

It's very important to choose a good rental company, you don't want your holiday to be ruined because of a bad rental car experience. Here is a list of 3 good rental car companies:

Goldcar - a Spanish company, quite popular in Italy. I personally am very satisfied, we had a really good experience with them. This is probably the only company that offers you a full insurance, where you don't have to leave a deposit and you don't have to pay in advance if something happens. Alo, if booked in advance you can get a really good price.

Europcar - is a well-known company and it's always a safe choice. I've also used their services and had no issues. The only thing is that usually their prices can be quite high.

Hertz - another very famous rental car company. I've never used it but I've only heard good reviews. Same as Europcar, can be a bit expensive compared to other less famous companies. 

Pay for a good insurance

Insurance is one of the most important things you should consider when renting a car. Normally it's not included in the price, so you would have to pay extra for it. It can be expensive but in my opinion you should always get it. You can be very careful on the road but you never know who's on the side of the road. In order to be safe and avoid paying a lot of money if something happens, always choose for a good insurance. 

Also when booking your car, get the full to full policy. It means that you will get your car with a full tank and you have to leave it with a full tank. 

Pay attention to the ZTL

Don't forget about the ZTL - zona traffico limitato (limited traffic zones). If you plan to drive around in the historical centres of most Italian cities - don't do it! I mean you can't...In almost every Italian city, there is a historical centre and there the traffic is limited, meaning that only residents and cars that have a special permission can go in. If you ignore the street sign and drive in, you will receive a fine. The best thing is to park your car before the areas of ZTL and explore the centre storico (historical centre) walking. 

Italian Vocabulary for Renting a Car

auto/automobile/macchina - car 

autostrada - highway 

benzina - gas

benzinaio - petrol station

patente - driving licence 

cartello - street sign

assicurazione - insurance 

multa - fine 

luogo di ritiro - pick up location

luogo di riconsegna - return location

tariffa - price

carburante - fuel

pieno/pieno - full to full

chilometraggio illimitato - unlimited mileage

veicolo - vehicle

occupanti del veicolo - passengers of the vehicle

cancellazione gratuita - free cancellation 

deposito - deposit

franchigia - excess 

danno - damage

seggiolino - child seat

preventivo - quote / estimate

conducente aggiuntivo - additional driver 

sistema di navigazione - GPS

prenotazione - booking

prenotare - to book

noleggiare -  to rent a car

affittare - to rent

cambio automatico o manuale - automatic or manual gearbox

Italian Verbs for Renting a Car

guidare - to drive

io guido
tu guidi
lui, lei, Lei guida
noi guidiamo
voi guidate
loro guidano

affittare - to rent

io affitto
tu affitti
lui, lei, Lei affitta
noi affittiamo
voi affittate
loro affittano

noleggiare - to rent a car

io noleggio
tu noleggi
lui, lei, Lei noleggia
noi noleggiamo
voi noleggiate
loro noleggiano

Italian Phrases for Renting a Car

Vorrei noleggiare una macchina/ un'auto. - I would like to rent a car.

Per quanto tempo/ Per quanti giorni? - For how long/ For how many days?

Che tipo di macchina vuole? Preferisce il cambio automatico o quello manuale? - What type of car would you like? Do you prefer a car with automatic change or a manual one?

Voglio una macchina economica. - I would like an inexpensive car. 

La macchina deve essere riconsegnata entro le 12.00. - The car must be returned by 12.00 o' clock. 

E' possibile modificare la prenotazione? - Is it possible to change the booking?

Vorrei aggiungere un altro conducente. - I would like to add a driver. 

Ho bisogno di due seggiolini. - I need two child seats. 

Sì, vogliamo anche l'assicurazione. - Yes, we want also an insurance. 

Devo lasciare un deposito? - Do I need to leave a deposit?

A che ora si può ritirare la macchina? - What time can we pick up the car?

Buon Viaggio! Xxx

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