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How To Say The Dates And The Days In Italian

How To Say The Dates And The Days In Italian

How To Say The Dates And The Days In Italian 

Busy making plans for your next Italian holiday?

When travelling in Italy it's always best to have at least some basic knowledge of Italian especially when it comes to making travelling arrangements. Almost everything in Italy is first explained in Italian and in some small cities a lot of the people don't even speak English... So if you want to make your life easier learn some basic Italian before leaving for your amazing holiday!

You can start with the dates and the days in Italian?

The Seasons in Italian

The climate in Italy is very beautiful, the sun is shining very often and normally all four seasons are present! Here is all the useful Italian vocabulary related to the seasons:

le stagioni - the seasons

un anno - a year

l'inverno - the winter

la primavera - the spring

l'estate  - the summer

l'autunno - the autumn 

freddo - cold

caldo - warm

pioggia - rain

vento - wind

sole - sun

neve - snow

grandine - hail

umido - humid

secco - dry

sereno - sunny

nuvoloso - cloudy

ventoso - windy

The Months in Italian

One big difference between Italian and English is that in Italian the months are not capitalized:

mese - month

settimana - week

gennaio - January

febbraio - February

marzo - March

aprile - April

maggio - May

giugno - June

luglio - July

agosto - August 

settembre - September

ottobre - October

novembre - November

dicembre - December

The Days of The Week in Italian

Like the months, also the days of the week are not written with capital letters:

giorno - day

lunedì - Monday

martedì - Tuesday

mercoledì - Wednesday

giovedì - Thursday

venerdì - Friday

sabato - Saturday

domenica - Sunday

ieri - yesterday

oggi - today

domani - tomorrow

mattina - morning

pomeriggio - afternoon

sera - evening

notte - night

Useful Italian Phrases: Dates & Days

When studying Italian, remember to always try to use the new vocabulary somehow: you can create flashcards, you can create vocabulary lists and etc. Here are some useful Italian phrases that you can use when talking about the dates and the days:

Il nuovo corso inizia il 20 di ottobre. - The new course starts on October 20th.

Che giorno è oggi? - What day is today?

Domani devo andare dal dentista. - I have to go to the dentist tomorrow.

Che tempo fa? - What's the weather?

Oggi è molto nuvoloso. - Today is very cloudy. 

Ieri c'era tanto sole. - There was a lot fo sun yesterday.

Martedì mattina non ho sentito la sveglia e mi sono alzata molto tardi! - I didn't hear the alarm Tuesday morning and I woke up very late.

L'aereo parte domani mattina, alle sette. - The flight leaves tomorrow morning, at seven. 

Quest'estate andiamo in vacanza in Portogallo! - This summer we are going in Portugal on holiday!

L'inverno scorso c'era tantissima neve. - There was a lot of snow last winter. 

La mia migliore amica si sposa a maggio. - My best friend is getting married in May. 

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