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Essential Italian Travel Phrases & Expressions

Essential Italian Travel Phrases & Expressions

Essential Italian Travel Phrases & Expressions 

Is Italy your dream holiday destination?

It might not be your first choice but I bet it's in your bucket list!

When planning a trip in Italy most of the people are usually unaware of the fact that a lot of Italians don't speak English that well...Obviously that is not a big problem because they are very friendly and they will always try to help you out even if they speak zero English...So far, so good -  you will be able to survive in Italy even if you don't speak Italian...But what if you were able to speak some basic Italian? What would happen then? 

I will tell you - you will have an amazing holiday! Yes, knowing some basic Italian phrases and expressions will make a difference! You will be treated like family, you will get to experience things that only locals do and it will be very easy for you to get around!

Here are the most useful Italian phrases for travelling:

Ordering Food in Italian

Tasting Italian food is something extraordinary, it's something special and I promise you that it will be one of the best things you will do while travelling around Italy! If you want to try some really authentic Italian food, best to avoid the touristy places and try to find some Italian restaurants where mostly locals go. It's always a good idea to ask your Airbnb host or the people working at the reception at your hotel for advice. Some very useful phrases for ordering food in Italian:

Vorrei prenotare un tavolo per due, per stasera alle sette. - I would like to book a table for two,for tonight at seven o'clock.  

Dove si mangia la pizza più buona di Napoli? - Where can you eat the best pizza in Naples?

Dove si mangia bene? - Where is a good place to eat?

Quali sono i piatti tipici? - Which are the typical dishes?

Possiamo ordinare? - Can we order?

Ci può consigliare cosa ordinare? - Can you recommend what to order?

Ci può portare un po' di acqua per favore? Preferibilmente gassata! - Can you please bring us some water? Preferably sparkling! 

Si può pagare anche con la carta? - Can you also pay with a card?

Per iniziare, vogliamo ordinare un po' di affettati e un po' di formaggi. - To start with, we want to order some cold cuts and some cheese.

Ci può dare anche la lista dei vini? - Can you also give us the wine list?

Vogliamo provare i dolci, che cosa ha? - We want to try the desserts, what do you have?

Possiamo avere due caffè, uno macchiato caldo per favore? - Can we have two espresso, one macchiato (wth warm steamed milk) please? *Big coffee fan? Check out The Ultimate Guide for Ordering Coffee in Italian!

Si paga qui o alla cassa? - Do you pay here or at the counter?

Italian Phrases For Shopping 

Italian fashion...Who isn't a fan?! Whether you are planning on shopping at the local market or at some fancy store in Milan, some basic Italian phrases won't hurt:

Dove si trova il mercato? - Where is the market?

Che numero di scarpe porta? Porto il 39 di scarpe. - Which size shoes are you wearing? I wear 39 shoe size. 

Mi scusi, dove sono i camerini? - Excuse me, where are the fitting rooms?

Quanto costa? - How much is it?

C'è una taglia più grande? - Is there a bigger size?

C'è qualche sconto? - Is there some discount?

E' per un regalo. - It's for a present.

Cerco una camicia bianca. - I am looking for a white shirt.

Vorrei comprare una borsa nera. - I would like to buy a black bag. 

Accettate carte di credito? - Do you accept credit cards?

Vorrei cambiare questa maglietta. - I would like to change this t-shirt.

Getting Around in Italy

While travelling in Italy you will need help with the directions you will definitely have to use the public transport at some point. If you don't want to get lost make sure to learn some basic Italian vocabulary and phrases for getting around in Italy:

A sinistra - To the left

A destra -  To the right

Davanti a - In front of

Accanto a - Next to

Vicino a - Close to

Lontano - Far

Strada - Street & road

Via - Street

Piazza - Square

Entrata - Entrance

Uscita - Exit 

Mi scusi, dove si trova la fermata della metro? — Excuse me, where is the metro stop?

Scusi, come posso arrivare in centro? — Sorry, how can I get to the centre?

Dov'è la stazione centrale? — Where is the central train station?

Dove si comprano i biglietti? — Where can I buy tickets ?

Dov'è la fermata dell'autobus più vicina? - Where is the closest bus stop?

Dealing with Hotel Reservations in Italian

Booking a hotel room or a bed and breakfast in Italy can be a bit difficult, especially if you are travelling to some small town where people don't speak a lot of English. Here are a couple of very useful phrases:

Vorrei prenotare una camera matrimoniale. - I would like to book a double room.

Vorrei cambiare la mia prenotazione. - I would like to change my booking.

C'è il parcheggio per la macchina? - Is there a parking lot for the car?

Mi può dare la password dell'internet? - Can you give the Wifi password?

La colazione è inclusa nel prezzo? - Is the breakfast included in the price?

A che ora dobbiamo lasciare la stanza? - What time do we have to leave the room?

Vorrei cancellare la mia prenotazione, come posso fare? - I would like to cancel my booking, how can I do it?

Buon Viaggio!

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