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Your Complete Guide To Shopping In Italy: Italian Vocabulary & Expressions

Your Complete Guide To Shopping In Italy: Italian Vocabulary & Expressions

Your Complete Guide To Shopping In Italy: Italian Vocabulary & Expressions 

I like shopping a lot...

Let's be honest, who doesn't?!

Almost everybody does a little shopping when travelling to another country and in Italy shopping is a must... At the end Italy is the country of fashion and style!  

If you want to get some special attention and a good bargain, you better learn some of the most common Italian words and phrases for shopping! Grab your notebook and a pen and start learning now:

Some Helpful Information For Shopping in Italy

First things first - Italians always look good, they are the most elegant people in the world! If you have never been in Italy, you probably don't know this but they are always well dressed and they have an amazing taste when it comes to fashion. 

While in Italy, you will probably want to dive into the Italian fashion, so here are my top tips for shopping in Italy:

1. There are plenty of tourist shops - avoid them! It's all mainly Chinese products (no offence) and we all want the label "Made in Italy", don't we? Their quality is quite poor and they can be also very pricy. Where are those shops? Basically almost all the shops that you will find next to the Italy's main tourist attractions

2. Always look for the local Italian market: Italy is famous for its markets where you can find some amazing high quality food products and good quality clothes, shoes and bags for only 10 to 20€. Italians usually called it simply a mercato (market) or bancarelle (stands/stalls). Almost every city in Italy has a mercato and my advice is to go and check it out. If you can't find it, just stop the first local person that you see and ask for directions!

3. Saldi, saldi, saldi! Saldi means sales and if you find yourself in Italy during the sales period, you are one lucky person! In Italy there are two official sales per year - the winter sale and the summer sale. The winter one usually starts on the first Friday or Saturday of January and the summer one on the first Friday or Saturday of July. The sales are very big, the discounts can get up to 75%, isn't this amazing?! 

*Extra tip: Go to an outlet - there are a lot of outlets in Italy where you can always find plenty of discounts, even if you don't go during the sales. If you do manage to go to Italy when the sales start, you should still go to an outlet because you will get double discount: a big discount on the already discounted price!

4. Don't forget about the afternoon break...Some of the shops in Italy, especially in the small towns, close from 1pm until 3 or 4pm for a pausa pranzo (lunch break). Again, talking about the small shops and not the big brands like Mango, H&M, Zara and etc. 

Important Italian Vocabulary for Shopping Addicts 

Whether you are beginner or an advanced student, it's always a good idea to brush-up your Italian vocabulary before leaving for Italy. Below, you will find some very useful and common Italian words that you can use when shopping in Italy:

negozio - shop

mercato - market

supermercato - supermarket

soldi - money

contanti - cash

carta di credito - credit card

cassa - cash register 

commesso/a - salesman/woman

camerino - fitting room

provare - to try

comprare - to buy

pagare - to pay

taglia - size

lungo - long

corto - short

grande - big

piccolo - small

stretto - tight

largo - wide

vestito - dress

scarpe - shoes

pantaloni - pants

maglione - sweater 

maglietta - t-shirt

camicia - shirt

gonna - skirt

borsa - bag

sciarpa - scarf

guanti - gloves

occhiali da sole - sunglasses 

cappello - hat

cintura - belt 

The colours in Italian:

nero - black

bianco - white

giallo - yellow

blu - blue

verde - green

azzurro - light blue

rosso - red

rosa - pink

arancione - orange

viola - violet

grigio - grey

marrone - brown

*Take a look at the 'Question words in Italian', they can be very helpful when shopping!

Common Italian Verbs for Shopping

Three very important Italian verbs, especially when it's time for shopping: comprareprovare and pagare:
comprare - to buy

io compro
tu compri
lui, lei, Lei compra
noi compriamo
voi comprate
loro comprano

provare - to try

io provo
tu provi
lui, lei, Lei prova
noi proviamo
voi provate
loro provano

pagare - to pay

io pago
tu paghi
lui, lei, Lei paga
noi paghiamo
voi pagate
loro pagano

Phrases for Shopping in Italy:

Learning some expressions and phrases for travelling in Italy is always a good idea! So, if you are ready to do some serious shopping in Italy, here is what you need to know:

Mi scusi, dove sono i camerini? - Excuse me, where are the fitting rooms?

Mi scusi, dove posso trovare le bancarelle? - Excuse me, where can I find the market (the stalls)? 

Quanto viene / Quanto costa ? - How much is it?

Mi serve una taglia più grande. - I need a bigger size. 

Ci sono i saldi? - Are there any sales?

La borsa è per un regalo. - The bag is for a present.

Cerco un vestito nero. - I am looking for a black dress.

Vorrei comprare una sciarpa di lana. - I would like to buy a a wool scarf. 

Accettate carte di credito? - Do you accept credit cards?

Devo cambiare questa maglietta. - I need like to change this t-shirt. 

Questi pantaloni mi piacciono molto, li prendo! - I like these pants very much, I will take them!

No, mi dispiace... Questa maglietta non mi piace. - No, I am sorry...I don't like this t-shirt.

Enjoy! Xxx

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