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Italian Vocabulary And Phrases For Visiting Museums

Italian Vocabulary And Phrases For Visiting Museums

Italian Vocabulary And Phrases For Visiting Museums

Any plans for your free time in Italy?

I bet exploring restaurants and doing some serious shopping is already in your agenda, but don't forget about the art in Italy!

There are a plenty of museums in Italy that are worth seeing and if you want to make the most of your visit, remember to learn some vocabulary that could be useful...In this lesson you will find everything that you'll be needing, when heading to some of the most important museums in the world!

Practical Information for Visiting Museums in Italy

One very important thing you should now when planning a tour to the Italian museums, is that almost always the lines are really long. Obviously I am talking about the most important and famous museums like: the Vatican Museums, the Uffizi Gallery Museum, Florence's Galleria dell'Accademia and etc. So it's always best to buy your tickets in advance in and skip the long lines because sometimes you could be waiting for more than 2 hours and I don't think you would like to waste so much precious time while you are on your dream holiday....

Get your tickets online! Yes, you can buy them in advance, online. Just find the website of the museum and choose the date and the time and you are done - easy, fast and no lines! You can also book your tickets by just calling the museum and reserving them. All you have to do is pick them up at the museum just before you start your tour. Yes, it costs a bit more, like 2-4 euros extra but think about how much valuable time you will be saving!

*Every first Sunday of the month is the Domenica al museo, meaning that the entrance of the state museums will be free of charge. Cool, isn't it?!

Useful Italian Vocabulary to Use When Visiting a Museum

Here is the most common Italian vocabulary, that would be good to learn:

museo - museum

galleria - gallery 

arte - art

biglietteria - ticket office

biglietto - ticket

prenotazione - booking

sconto studente - student discount

coda/fila - line

guida - tour guide

autoguida - autoguide (the headset one)

entrata - entrance

uscita - exit

gratis - free of charge

quadro - painting

cornice - frame

disegno - drawing

mosaico - mosaic

scultura - sculpture 

affresco - fresco 

Italian Verbs: Visiting Museums

A couple of regular Italian verbs in the Presente Indicativo tense you can use while exploring the Italian art and culture:

visitare - to visit

io visito
tu visiti
lui, lei, Lei visita
noi visitiamo
voi visitate
loro visitano

comprare - to buy

io compro
tu compri
lui, lei, Lei compra
noi compriamo
voi comprate
loro comprano

Italian Phrases for Visiting a Museum

And of course, some very useful Italian phrases for your next museum visit in Italy:

Mi scusi, dove si trova il Museo di Roma? - Excuse me, where is the Museum of Rome?

Pronto, vorrei prenotare due biglietti per i Musei Vaticani. - Hello (on the phone), I would like to book two tickets for the Vatican Museums.

A che ora apre la biglietteria? - What time is the ticket office open?

Dove si trova l'entrata del museo? - Where is the entrance of the museum?

Posso comprare tre biglietti? - Can I buy three tickets?

C'è qualche sconto per gli studenti? - Is there some student discount?

Fino a che ora si può visitare il museo? - Until what time you can visit the museum?

Si può prendere un'autoguida? Preferibilmente in inglese. - Can you take an autoguide? Preferably in English.

Si possono fare le foto? - Can you take photos?

Enjoy your tour! 

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