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10 Italian words to learn if you are going to Rome

10 Italian words to learn if you are going to Rome

How to get around in Rome and talk like a Roman

Are you planning a holiday in Rome? Then you should definitely learn these 10 words & expressions in Romanesco (the Roman dialect ) that will help you understand i romani (the Roman people) and have the best vacanze romane ever! 


Very common way of saying “hi” to your friends instead of “ciao” or “buongiorno” . This is a very informal way of greeting someone, so please don’t say it to people you have never met. 


This is another way of greeting a friend informally:

- Bella Ale! 
- Ah bella! Che dici? (What’s up)


Roman people usually “cut” the words and the names and use a shorter version. Sto is one of the most used words and it’s used instead of "questo", which means "this". 

- Sto vestito mi piace un sacco! (I like this dress very much)


This is one of my favourite words, while I was living in Rome this was probably one of the first words that i learned. It means “wow” and it can express a lot of emotions like surprise, admiration and etc. 

Ho conosciuto una ragazza, ammazza quant’è bella! (I met a girl, wow she is so pretty!)

Tajarsi & che tajo

Tajarsi means “divertirsi” or “to have fun” and “che tajo” refers to something that is very funny or amusing. 

- Ieri sera ho visto un film e mi so’ tajato/che tajo! (I saw a movie last night and I had a lot of fun/ i laughed a lot/ it was very funny). 


This is the Roman way of saying “tranquillo” and it means “don’t worry”, “calm” or “relaxed”.

- Non ho tempo per passare da te stasera, scusami! (I don’t have time to visit you tonight)
- Scialla! Ci vediamo domani. ( Don’t worry! I will see you tomorrow)


“Bono/a” means “good” (instead of buono or buona) and it can be used in 2 different ways. One refers to food or a drink and it means “very good”

- Bona sta pasta! (This pasta is amazing/very good/delicious).

The other use is when you refer to people and it means “very beautiful”

- Guarda questa ragazza! Ammazza quant’è bona! (Check this girl! Wow, she is so pretty!)


It means “come on” and in Rome it’s used instead of the normal “dai”

- Daje Fra, dobbiamo andare! (Come on Fra (for Francesco), we have to go!


This word comes from the expression “hai voglia” ( do you want to) and it means “sure/definitely”. 

- Ti va di andare al cinema stasera? Do you want to go to the cinema tonight?
- Avoja! Sure!

Da paura

"Da paura" means “amazing/awesome” or “cool” and it’s often used as an exclamation.

- Il nuovo film di Brad Pitt è da paura! (The new movie of Brad Pitt is amazing!)

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Why learn some Italian before going on your dream holiday in Italy?

Why learn some Italian before going on your dream holiday in Italy?

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Online language learning. Yes or no?