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Why learn some Italian before going on your dream holiday in Italy?

Why learn some Italian before going on your dream holiday in Italy?

Planning your dream holiday in Italy?

That's awesome, you've made a great choice! Italy is definitely one of the best destinations (in my opinion is the best! :) ) to choose for your next vacation...And here comes the big question - "Do I need to learn some Italian before going to Italy"?

Well, the answer is: you don't actually have to (you will survive even if you don't speak Italian) but you should definitely learn some basic Italian before heading to your holiday! And here is why:

Italians are not so good in English!

I am sorry to disappoint you but in Italy, English is not so popular and why should it be? Italian is the most beautiful and romantic language in world! Seriously talking, of course, if you are at the center of one of the big cities like Roma, Milano, Firenze and etc., some people will be able to help in English but if you want to explore the "not so touristy areas", that are really worth visiting, I would really recommend learning a bit of Italian...

If you know some Italian it will be much easier for you to get around, you will be able to talk to the locals, ask for tips, help, directions and etc. and I can ensure you (from personal experience) that you will enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

Want to be treated like a local?

Who doesn't?! Here is something you probably didn't know....Italians get really enthusiastic when a foreigner speaks a bit of Italian and when I say really, I mean it! If you are able to talk to them (even if you are not "an expert"), I promise you they will be so happy and they will treat you different than the rest of the tourists.

You will get special attention:

- at restaurants (you might even get some free limoncello or some other type of amaro after your dinner);

- at stores (you might get some good discount);

- at the local market (you will get the chance to buy something really authentic);

So, knowing a bit of Italian will "help" you to be treated like a local and only then you will be able to experience the real Italian culture! Sounds good, doesn't it?!

It's not that difficult...

I am sure now you are thinking - "Nooo, it's too difficult" or "I will never learn Italian because it's too hard"... Don't worry - it's not! Nobody expects you to be a pro and learn everything. You only need to learn the basic stuff like "How much is this?" or "Where can I find a good restaurant?". 

Here are 5 useful phrases:

- Mi scusi, quanto costa questo? - Excuse me, how much does this cost?

- Scusa, mi puoi aiutare? - Sorry, can you help me?

- Salve/Buongiorno/Buonasera, possiamo ordinare? - Hello/Good morning/Good evening, can we order?

- Il servizio è incluso? - Is the service included?

- Dove si trova la fermata dell'autobus? - Where is the bus stop?

I bet those weren't that difficult to learn and I am sure you learned all of them in just a couple of minutes!

Where to start?

Ok, now you have decided that you want to learn a bit of Italian before you leave for your holiday but you are not sure where to start? You are probably thinking "Should I buy a book or should I find an Italian school close to me?"

No problem, I am here to help you! There is no need for you to be spending a lot of money or getting annoyed, while reading the "typical text book" and doing the old-fashioned and traditional grammar exercises....There is even no need to go out of your house!

Buon viaggio!

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