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How To Learn Italian With Songs: 5 Cool Italian Songs

How To Learn Italian With Songs: 5 Cool Italian Songs

How To Learn Italian With Songs: 5 Cool Italian Songs

Let's be honest, we all love music, don't we?!

So why not use it to learn Italian?

Italian songs are a great and very useful learning tool and if you haven't tried listening to Italian music yet, here are some suggestions for you...

How to Learn Italian with Songs

If you've never listen to Italian music before, now it's a great time to start! Italians have a lot of nice songs and their music is very popular all over the world. Listening to Italian music will also help you improve your pronunciation. And you know which is the best thing? It's all in Italian! Their lyrics are also very different than what we are normally used to... They are very rich and they are all about the meaning, just beautiful!

Ok, here is how to use Italian songs to learn Italian:

1. Listen to the song. - Start with just listening to the song, nothing else..

2. Listen to the song one more time but with Italian lyrics. - After you've listened to the song, listen to it 1 more time but this time, look at the Italian lyrics.

3. Try to understand the meaning and write down all the new words and expressions. - Now it's time to try and understand the meaning of the song. There will be probably a lot of new words, so just grab a pen and write them down!

4. Check out the meaning of the new vocabulary. - Don't forget to check the meaning of the new expressions and words. There is no point in doing the exercise, if you are not looking up the new vocabulary.  

5. Focus on some grammar aspect - for example, irregular verbs, prepositions or indefinite articles. - Yes, grammar is important! You can't just skip it...So just pick up a grammar topic and get started! 

6. Start listening to the song, sing out loud and have lots of fun! 

5 Italian Songs That Will Help You Improve Your Italian

Peppino di Capri - Le donne amano

Youtube Link & Italian Lyrics

This is song is very good if you are trying to learn the Presente Indicativo. It's full with verbs in the present tense, plus it has a lot fo useful vocabulary. It's also quite slow, so it's not very difficult to listen to plus it's simply beautiful! 

Marco Mengoni - Sai che

Youtube Link & Italian Lyrics

If you are practising the Italian Past Tenses, Marco Mengoni's song is perfect. Most of the verbs are in Imperfetto or Passato Prossimo and the lyrics are amazing...

Elisa - A modo tuo

Youtube Link & Italian Lyrics

Busy learning il Futuro Semplice? Excellent, check out Elisa's beautiful song A modo tuo. It's written for her daughter and pretty much all of the verbs used in the song are in Futuro Semplice

Arisa - La notte

Youtube Link & Italian Lyrics

Arisa's song is ideal if you want to give your vocabulary a boost! The lyrics are not very easy to understand but there are a lots of useful phrases and expressions, so it's worth the sweat!

Giorgia - Tu mi porti su

Youtube Link & Italian Lyrics

A very happy song, that will definitely make your day! Give it a try and I am 100% that in no time you will be singing and dancing around! 

Have fun and enjoy! Music is a great tool that we can all use to learn something new every day!

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