Private Online Italian Lessons


Learn Italian online, at anytime and anywhere!

All lessons are private & online and will be personalized to your needs! All courses include: grammar pdfs, vocabulary lists, homework assignments and a personalized study calendar.

"Una Lezione"

1 lesson of 60 min

36 euro

Suitable for you if :

  • you want to give Italian a try;
  • you just want to refresh your Italian with a couple of lessons, before going to Italy or before meeting your Italian friend.


10 hours

329 euro

Suitable for you if :

  • you have already studied some Italian and you just want to do a "refreshing course";
  • you want to improve your level, but you don't need a lot of lessons because you are already great!



20 hours

599 euro

Suitable for you if :

  • you are ready to turn your passion into skills and finally learn how to survive in Italy!


30 hours

809 euro

Suitable for you if :

  • you are "all in" and you are ready to explore the beauties & treasures of Italy and the Italian language!

Why online?

Because it's simple and easy. You can learn from wherever you like, all you need is a good internet connection and a laptop! Pretty cool, right? It's all personalized. I don't believe in textbooks, I create custom-tailored study plans for every student!

What's next?

Contact me, so that we can schedule 1 free trial lesson! It is a 30-minute introductory lesson where we are going to get to know each other and I will teach you something very interesting and fun in Italian! If you would like to book the free trial lesson, please send me an email to or fill in the form! See you soon! 

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